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The Story so far.....

On this page we have included stories, tales or pictures of PAWS dogs that have been re-homed over the years.


Dear Cyprus dog team,
You might like to publish this email with the latest images of Jack2 on your website and on Facebook - perhaps to encourage those who are undecided to adopt a Cyprus dog when they read of my positive experiences with a Cyprus Dog.

Jack has been in Germany almost half a year and now it is time to say thank you !!!
Especially to the team from PAWS Dog Shelter in Cyprus for rescuing Jack, but also for the kind mediation by Andrea Mehmel of Zypernhunde e.V. and his former flight godmother Angela who brought him to Munich along with your own Cyprus Dog, Wolfgang, on 22.12.2015

Within a short time there was nothing more to see of the fearful, not-so-happy dog that ​​Jack2 was in Cyprus. What impressed me as a "Cyprus dog newbie", was the good condition in which I received Jack in Munich (my vet was / is very pleased with this very healthy dog) – for this 1000 times thanks to all the helpers in Cyprus, who do so much for the dogs in PAWS Dog Shelter and are so committed to the dogs there!!!

As you can see in the photos, Jack has become a cheerful, self-confident and happy dog, who you can take anywhere without concern (whether out shopping or in a hotel, Jack’s behaviour is exemplary!)

If I had to create a dog for me and my beagle Amélie, I could not have done better than Jack. Not only was it love at first sight for Amélie, but Jack stole the hearts of my family and me.

Of course there were initially many everyday situations that were alien to him (the elevator ride, New Year fireworks, going through revolving doors, etc.) but thanks to the best " Dog Whisperer " in the world (Beagle Lady Amélie - for Jack she is the bravest dog because she is afraid of nothing) he has learned to go through life free of fear and full of self-confidence (and if a fearful situation does crop up - he can always hide behind Amélie;))

Meanwhile Jack does Dogdance and agility with a passion and he also likes to learn little tricks. His biggest hobby is still, however, to run at high speed across the meadow (as seen in the pictures).

What makes me particularly proud of him, is that he is doing great as an "apprentice medical assistance dog". I never thought that a dog from a shelter could become "operational" after such a short time and be able to come with me to my hospice or coma patients. Of course he cannot replace the full-fledged Amélie, but he still has plenty of time for that.


Jack shows a special talent with children; they realized quickly that Jack loves children and children love Jack! It's so nice to see how he brings a smile to people’s faces as if by magic! Thanks Zypernhunde e.V. for this great dog!!! Jack is an asset and every day with him is so much fun; he brings pleasure to so many people and at the same time he is so rewarding and completely cuddly.

Dear Cyprus Dog Team, please keep it up, so that many more people can experience this happiness with such especially super dogs.  Because with your work, you not only make the dogs happy, but also their new owners!

Greetings and thank you!

Your Dr. Katrin-C. Klinger with Jack and Amélie


Bonnie and Daisy

Here are my two babies, Bonnie and Daisy, who we adopted from Paws nearly three weeks ago. They have settled in well and changed our lives completely. Sandra Banks, 17th June 2016