A few of our supporters and friends have been moved to put pen to paper and compose an ode or two, the stimuli for some having been a visit to the charity shelter at Acheleia. Maybe a similar visit by yourself could prove equally stimulating!
Caring Hands.

Not all souls fall safely, into caring hands,
Some are left to roam, thru lonely, dangerous lands.
Not all souls fall safely, they toil thru’ life alone,
Never knowing love and light, warmth of a caring home.
Could you be the one, to extend a loving hand?
Could you be the one, who can understand?
To look into the eyes of those, see clearly to their souls?
Free them from the misery? Free them from the cold?
For love is all that one can give, and it is everything,
Peace and comfort, laughter, light, these joys with it bring.
Not all souls fall safely, let yours be caring hands,
To offer life and hope and love, because you understand.

Karen Mikellis, Paphos
Don’t Walk On By.

Don’t turn away,
Can you not see,
my sadness, hurt and pain;
Don’t walk on by,
Try to forget,
where you saw me lie;
For I am real, and I too feel,
and I wonder why;
Is this the way my life must be,
Abused and left to die?
Can you not see my suffering?
Oh please! Don’t walk on by.

Karen Mikellis, Paphos
Give Me A Home.

Give me a home, where I can be,
Somewhere safe, where the sun will shine on me.
No longer can I wander, alone though free,
The road is long, there’s fear in me.
Give me a home, where I can be loved.

Karen Mikellis, Paphos
Poor Old Doggy All Alone.

Poor old doggy all alone,
Down and out rejected moans.
Famished too and no one cares,
Sick and dying he despairs.
Until a thought alights his mind,
There may be someone tender kind.
Who’ll have compassion on my state,
Who’ll be my friend, who’ll be my mate.
To rescue me give me a home,
No longer left and on my own.
A dog is meant a man’s best friend,
On you my friendship I would spend.

John W. Hutchinson
One Man and his Dog

No, I’m not perpendicular,
And that mutt’s not particular,
There goes rug number nine -
He chews them all the time!
Although I feel benevolence,
He’s filled with malevolence,
Can only obliterate -
I’m not able to illiterate
The mess that flea-bag makes!

And so I resolve,
Before he dissolves -
The rest of the house,
To muzzle his wand’ring snout -
And keep the mongrel out!
O.K. Don’t have hydrostatics,
Or lock me in the attic!
I don’t have delusions -
Although your allusions,
To my lineage may sting....

I’m just an old punter -
Who used to be a hunter,
So when boredom sets in....
Just chuck my ‘prey’ in the bin!
You may pontificate,
But I reiterate...
and remain indiscriminate!
Keep that muzzle away!
You want to ruin my day?
Oops - missed me! Out of my way!

There goes that trophy you won...
Now look what you’ve done!
Well, this time YOU broke it!
So put that in your tripe and stoke it!

Karen Mikellis July 2014
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