The biggest item in our budget is the Vet's bill. As you would expect from a caring facility such as PAWS, the dogs receive the best care and attention to keep them both fit and well, and available for rehoming. We have an excellent relationship with our vet, Dr Aris Fettas, so much so we asked him to be our President, and he agreed.
The funding for the Shelter is raised through a number of means, some of which are outlined below:

Cash donations by the general public through our collecting cans posted at a number of locations in the Paphos area as well as donations sent via our Facebook and Website PayPal links. A lot of people also assist by leaving donations of dog food in "bins", kindly hosted by local supermarkets in their public areas. There are also regular donations of "winnings" by teams that take part in local quizzes, both in terms of cash and bottles of wine. The bottle donations are used as prizes in raffles.
Through the sale of donated goods at our Charity Shop in Chlorakas.
We require two vehicles for the shelter to operate efficiently, however one of our current vehicles is now showing its age with the related costs of running an older vehicle.
There are 3 paid employees of the Charity:
Kennel Manager,
Kennel Maintenance Manager, and Charity Shop Manager
Maintenance of the shelter is a bit like the proverbial Forth Bridge saga. With 150 plus active dogs things can get a bit frayed at the edges and constantly need a bit of attention.
The food bill also runs to a fair amount, but that is always reduced by the donations that regularly come from individuals and organisations such as Zypernhunde, a German charity with strong links to PAWS, both in terms of donations of food and sundries, and the rehoming of PAWS residents in Germany and Austria. We are also very grateful to the ad-hoc donations from local suppliers and  pet shops, visitors to the shelter, both residents and holiday-makers.
If you wish to Donate to PAWS, please click on the Donate button or visit our Donations page. Thank you!
As you will no doubt appreciate it takes a fair bit of money to run a dog shelter that caters for, on paper, 150 stray, lost, confused and injured dogs. We say advisedly, "on paper" because we are very often over that operating number due to people dumping their animals at our door whilst the kennels are unmanned.
What Do We Do With The Money?
Through the sale of PAWS personalised goods such as the seasonal Calendars, Christmas Cards and Fridge Magnets at our Charity Shop and various other locations in the Paphos area. Examples of these goods can be seen in the Market Place in this website.

Regularly run events including Coffee Mornings at the Shelter and the very popular Fun Quizzes held at Gustoso Restaurant. Not so regular events including our annual Raft Race, the Mutts & Butts Fashion Show, the Summer Sensation Musical Event, our Open Days and the Christmas Do!